Diamond Dermis strives to give you the best experience possible. Our experienced staff is committed to you feeling and looking your best, we make sure our office is quiet and peaceful so that you can relax, some clients even take naps during their session


Diamond Dermis offers the newest technology in fat reduction. Lipo-Freeze is an amazing process that heats the fat then cools it down to a below freezeing tempature. Heating the cells is an important part of damaging the fat so the body will remove it. Usually, people see results starting as soon as 2 weeks and will continue through 7 weeks. We can treat the same area as often as once a month.

Ultra Sonic Lipo Cavitiation

Cavitation -- a new, non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal procedure -- requires no surgery, no anaesthesia, no hospital stay, no time off from work and no recovery time. Clients see immediate results and continue to see reduction of fat up to 72 hours following the treatment. The human body produces fat in the most common and stubborn areas -- the buttocks, abdomen, love handles, male chest, upper arms, inner thighs, the chin area. Cavitiation has proven itself effective especially in the removal of cellulite. Cavitation's perfect treatment covers people who want to contour their body and regain their confidence and figure. Most clients see an immediate change in their appearance after the first session, but for optimum results we recommend 4 to 8 sessions.
Cavitation is a method of liposuction. Cavitation destroys fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. Once the fat cell is destroyed, the fat is discharged between the cells where they are turned into protein and then changed to free fatty acids and glycerol. Free fatty acids are moved to the liver where they decay and are removed from the body while glycerol is used as energy.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency energy works by gently heating your lower skin layers without harming your outer layer. The lower layers are heated because that’s where collagen, the long-stranded protein responsible for skin firmness, is located. When collagen is heated, the strands pull closer together and that is what tightens the skin. For skin tightening to continue, repeat treatments are necessary. We recommend six weekly treatments for best results and a single treatment every six months to maintain the results.

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